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EST 1907 | 5 Generations

Our goal when Maungahina was first established in 1907 was the same as it is today; To breed and sell quality genetics that stand the test of time, yield high returns and dominate in our clients breeding program
— Bruce McKenzie

Our Difference


Maungahina is a Hereford, Red Charolais, and Speckle Park stud, farmed by Bruce McKenzie a fourth generation and Mark McKenzie a fifth generation of the founding McKenzie family. 
It has always been the management policy to raise and sell the bulls under natural conditions, and owing to this policy, over the years Maungahina bulls have proved to be outstanding in stamina and constitution.
We use genetics to up fertility, muscling, size and out cross of the genetic base to improve our breed and introduce new bloodlines to New Zealand. 
 We want bulls that will perform extremely well in New Zealand and structural soundness is the key to our conditions. 





You’re invited

 It gives me great pleasure to present you with our annual yearling bull sale. As you look through our catalogue you can expect to find the same quality and consistency of cattle that we have always strived to breed and sell for the past 112 years. Please note that no bulls have been ultra sound scanned so the accuracy will be very low. Also, there is more consistency when scanning for IMF at 18 months of age appose to 12 months of age.

All Speckle Park bulls are snip tested through Genomnz and pedigree assured with gene test results shown in each lot. All of the Herefords now are 50K snip tested through Neogene Australia in order to get more information required for each animal sold now and for future requirements.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients that have continued to support our stud over the past 112 years and would like to invite you all to join us on the 27th of September for our annual yearling sale.

Kind regards McKenzie Family


Greatness awaits you

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